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Relax (Mg-Taurine-Q10-B6)
Relax (Mg-Taurine-Q10-B6)

Relax (Mg-Taurine-Q10-B6)

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Chill Pill

Less stress = more energy!

Magnesium is an essential micro-nutrient and a regulator of the nervous system. It has many functions and allows to improve your feeling of energy
, to manage your stress, to optimize the quality of your sleep and your memory ...

In stress situation (even slight), you evacuate your reserves of magnesium (as for Zinc ) and you can very quickly find yourself deficient in stress conditions. This deficiency undermines your ability to manage stress and therefore, deepens the deficiency: we talk about the 'vicious circle' of stress. In fact, we are almost all deficient magnesium which is deleterious to our health and well-being.

To improve the efficiency and absorption of magnesium, our complex contains Taurine and Vitamin B6.

Little more: vitamin B6 boosts energy synthesis!

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